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Hydrating Drinks for Ramadan

Tuk Tuk Chai offers a flavoursome drink, with the right nutrients to hydrate your body during fasting.

As we all know, fasting can have many benefits for your health…

However, nothing comes without a balanced diet. When fasting it is always important to think about ways to stay hydrated and maintain our health.


We hope your fast is going well so far! Here are a few tips to keep you hydrated and healthy during Ramadan.


What is the most effective way to stay hydrated when fasting?


Milk is commonly consumed by athletes to hydrate and repair their muscles after a strenuous workout. This is due to milk containing a lot of protein, carbohydrates, water, and various minerals that are essential for maintaining health.


Milk can keep you hydrated for five hours, which could be especially important in the long fasting periods during Ramadan. As we all know, breaking fast can be brief, however, consuming a milk drink will help to keep the body hydrated before beginning the next fasting period.


For a milk drink with added spices… Tuk Tuk Chai combines the finest Keralan black tea leaves with milk and water to create a satisfying alternative to unhealthy snacks.


Chai brewed with milk is a better alternative to conventional sugary drinks, in terms of providing more calories and protein which will help to alleviate the tiredness that many people experience during fasting.


For the Date lovers out there, marinating the dates in chai will give them that added spice for a more flavoursome snack. Alternatively, you can eat plain dates whilst also drinking Tuk Tuk Chai Iced Milk Tea for an easier, more convenient way to consume them.


Do you have any other ideas/tips? Please share with us @tuktukchai.

We would love to hear them!


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