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Tuk Tuk Chai Infused Panna Cotta

This easy recipe works particularly well with Tuk Tuk Chai Aromatic Cardamom Chai.


  • 200 ml Tuk Tuk Chai Aromatic Cardamom Chai
  • 300 ml Double Cream
  • 80 gr Sugar
  • 2.5 Gelatine Leaves
  • Crushed pistachios (optional)


  • First of all, soak the gelatine in cold water for a few minutes
  • Mix Tuk Tuk Chai Aromatic Cardamom Chai with the double cream and mix well
  • Pour about a quarter of the liquid into a saucepan heat gently (do not boil)
  • Add the sugar abd stir until it has completely dissolved
  • Add the gelatine and continue to stir
  • Add the warm liquid to the remaining cream and chai and mix well together
  • Pour into nice serving cups
  • Put in the fridge for at least 4/ 5 hours until the Panna Cotta has set
  • You can add crushed pistachio on top before serving
  • Enjoy!

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