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Our Story

From the streets of India to the shelves of Britain...

We are Tuk Tuk Chai, the bold new drink that is making tea cool again. With a taste for adventure and a passion for cultural fusion, we’re bringing to you our modern take on the Indian super snack that keeps over 1 billion people fuelled in the busy streets of India. Tuk Tuk Chai is the perfect pick me up under 150 calories.


So how did it all start?

I came up with the idea to create a ready-brewed iced milk tea after my wife Alex developed a real obsession with the homemade chai she drinks during our yearly trips to Kottayam, my hometown in Kerala, South India. She loved how satisfying a fresh cup of chai feels at any time of the day and soon started replacing her usual snacks with homemade chai. She has ever since been searching for an authentic cup of chai this side of Kottayam but has never had her cravings satisfied. I therefore realised that we’d have to do it ourselves!


For the love of chai…

Upon returning from one of our trips to Kerala in January 2015, we started brewing chai after chai to come up with the most authentic recipe for our ready-brewed chai. And so, Tuk Tuk Chai was born! Tuk Tuk Chai combines the perfect infusion of black tea, milk, optional spices with just a hint of sugar.

You can enjoy Tuk Tuk Chai iced cold on the go or hot for an authentic street chai experience. Or why not visit our Recipe page and use Tuk Tuk Chai in shakes, desserts or in cocktails?